Vocal Vibez 7-Day Singing Course for Beginners!

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In this course, you will learn the basics in developing your singing voice.

- Video Tutorials, Vocal Workout Programs, Singing Meditation, Ear Training Sessions, (.mp3 downloads for vocal exercises), Lifestyle Guides etc.

- This course will help complete beginners who don't know a thing about singing, and singers who know how to use their voice but wants to have access to all the training guides and helpful tips! 

  • Train your brain to work hard. Build self-confidence in your singing abilities.

  • Train your ears to be sensitive to pitch. If you have trouble staying on-key or understanding notes, this program will cover it!

  • Train your voice to work with you while singing!

  • Develop your tonality, increase your vocal range, and improve your agility in your riffs and runs!